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28 May: Northern Ireland debate

23 May 2013

Stormont building, Northern IrelandA key motion on epilepsy will be up for debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont in Belfast. The debate follows much campaigning by Epilepsy Action and may lead to significant improvements to the standards of epilepsy healthcare

On Tuesday 28 May, a motion on epilepsy will be debated in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The motion is:

That this Assembly demands the highest quality epilepsy services meeting standards recommended by relevant guidelines; requires sufficient numbers of epilepsy specialists and early access for young people to a first appointment with an epilepsy specialist; agrees that people with epilepsy should have their condition and treatment frequently reviewed to tackle high misdiagnosis rates, and calls on the minister to ensure that people are given access to services equitable with other parts of the UK.

This debate follows work carried out by Morina Clarke (Northern Ireland Manager) and the Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland Advisory Council. In January the Advisory Council held a breakfast meeting with the Health, Social Services and Public Safety Committee, to discuss how to improve epilepsy health services.

George Robinson, MLAGeorge Robinson, Member of the Legislative Assembly for East Londonderry, will lead the debate. Mr Robinson is Chair of the recently formed All-Party Group for Epilepsy at Stormont.

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has briefed Members of the Legislative Assembly about what we think are the main issues.

On Tuesday morning, you will be able to watch live coverage of the debate on the Assembly website. Epilepsy Action will also report the debate for the Epilepsy Today website.

The debate will take place in a session starting at 10am. There are four other items of business expected before our Motion debate, so it could be some time after 10am before it begins.

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