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Many of the key NHS changes are not including specific steps to address many neurological conditions - report

16 Aug 2012

Last week the Neurological Alliance in England launched its new report: “Intelligent Outcomes: Applying the health and social care reforms to improve outcomes for people with neurological conditions.”

The report found that many of the key NHS changes are not including specific steps to address many neurological conditions. It also highlighted the big differences in both the amount of money spent, and the services provided, in different parts of England.

The Intelligent Outcomes report makes a series of recommendations for how the new NHS structures and processes can be improved to benefit people with neurological conditions such as epilepsy. Key recommendations include:

  • Appointing of a lead public health observatory for neurology to lead the way in gathering information about the outcomes that matter to patients with neurological conditions.
  • Developing key indicators that measure and evaluate neurological services, that should be included in the NHS and Adult Social Care Outcomes Frameworks.
  • And developing a national survey for people with neurological conditions to gather reports of the care experienced by patients.

Simon Wigglesworth, deputy chief fxecutive of Epilepsy Action said:
“We back this report, which makes some very valid points about the improvements needed for neurological conditions. While there have been some steps targeted at epilepsy services, more can be done. We hope the upcoming Quality Standards for epilepsy will lay down more markers for service providers to meet. We share the aims of the report and urge the Department of Health to look in detail at these recommendations that can improve neurological care.”

Arlene Wilkie, chief executive of the Neurological Alliance said:
“There are now eight million people with a neurological condition in England and this number is set to rise significantly over the next decade. If the NHS reforms do not address poor standards of care for people with neurological conditions then they will fail. The Government has said that managing health reforms should be all about outcomes but it has failed to identify the outcomes which matter to people with neurological conditions. Without these crucial accountability measures, it is difficult to see how improvements will be measured.”

Epilepsy Action is a member of the Neurological Alliance, which represents more than 70 national and regional brain and spine organisations in England. 

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