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National Epilepsy Week - knowledge is power

17 May 2015

Epilepsy Today editor Peter Fox wishes you a great National Epilepsy Week - and outlines what you can expect to see right here throughout the week in your online epilepsy magazine

Today is the first day of National Epilepy Week. There are several epilepsy events in the calendar every year, each with a slightly different remit or observed by different countries the world over. National Epilepsy Week is specific to the UK - and for that reason, offers the perfect opportunity to assess standards of care in our country.

This week, Epilepsy Today brings you a range of articles relating to the second push of Epilepsy Action's national campaign - the successful Seize Control campaign. The campaign was launched last year and is now seeing a fantastic phase two - designed to bring its message to yet more people with epilepsy!

The Seize Control message is one you'll read more about right here throughout National Epilepsy Week.Tomorrow, we'll be reporting the results of the Seize Control Patient Survey 2015. Incorporating survey responses of almost 1,000 people with epilepsy, the survey results show some harsh truths about life with recurrent seizures. Some of the statistics show just how important it is to seek the best possible care for your epilepsy.

Still, life with epilepsy is about more than numbers and statistics. On Tuesday, we bring you a moving personal story from Lisa and her son, Cole. Cole's parents were heartbroken when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Still, after undergoing invasive and potentially dangerous brain surgery, Cole's future looks bright. His story proves that the right treatment option makes all the difference.

The Seize Control campaign is designed to help put yourself right at the centre of your care - working with your medical professionals to explore every possible treatment option. By using a range of campaign tools, you can arrange a treatment review - which may be the beginning of a new treatment journey with your own condition.

There is an ever-growing range of epilepsy treatments - including surgery, a range of drugs, dietary treatments or electronic devices. In fact there are so many, you may feel confused about where to begin! On top of a variety of existing campaign materials, Epilepsy Today brings you the Seize Control: Ask the experts panel in several installments towards the end of National Epilepsy Week.

They say that knowledge is power. Having a better idea of what certain treatments entail might give you a better idea of whether that treatment is right for you. We collected all your questions about brain surgery, new drugs based on cannabis, vagus nerve stimulation and many other treatment options. We then put those questions to our expert panel of medical professionals. Come back later in the week to read their in-depth answers!

National Epilepsy Week is the perfect time to challenge the parts of your treatment that may not be working. It is also the time to celebrate the strength of people with epilepsy who consistently shine even in the most difficult circumstances. Read more about Seize Control now - and begin a new journey with your condition. Don't forget to come back each day for more on the campaign.

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