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About Epilepsy Today

26 Sep 2012

Welcome to Epilepsy Today – the online epilepsy magazine produced by the UK charity, Epilepsy Action

The magazine is updated several times each week with all the latest epilepsy news, features and personal experience from a range of columnists.

If you are living with epilepsy, or you’re close to someone who is, stop by regularly to remain up to date with the epilepsy world!

In this section you’ll find the following headings – just click below to jump to a section.

Who is it for?

The Epilepsy Today website is primarily for Epilepsy Action members. Still, even if you are not a member of Epilepsy Action, there is plenty for you to read in Epilepsy Today.

All epilepsy news is free to read for everyone who comes to the site. Visit the site regularly and know that you aren’t missing out on important information. Our news items offer crucial updates about drug trials, emerging treatments and scientific research.

A selection of articles from across every section of Epilepsy Today is also free to read. That means you’ll get a taste of feature articles and My journal stories, Speak up opinions and regular columns (read about these below).

The great thing about an online magazine is that it’s totally interactive. Even without Epilepsy Action membership, you can post comments on stories, get involved in discussion and share your own experiences.

Why become a member?

Epilepsy action understands how important it is to get good-quality information about your condition. That’s why Epilepsy today offers you a lot completely free of charge. Still – the site offers even more to Epilepsy Action members.

Aside from other member benefits (including tailored insurance packages and discounted identity jewellery), Epilepsy Action membership offers full access to Epilepsy Today.

Many of the stories on the site are available only to Epilepsy Action members. These include in-depth interview pieces, inspiring stories from people living with epilepsy and regular columns by a range of personalities.

Within each section of Epilepsy Today, you will see a contents list that shows all the individual articles within that section. By some listings, you’ll see a small icon of two heads in pink and blue. That’s the ‘members-only’ icon – it means that the article is only available to members.

If you are not an Epilepsy Action member, join now for full access to Epilepsy Today! Once you have joined, you will be sent your welcome pack – which includes your unique membership number. Your welcome pack will also tell you how to easily create your own Epilepsy Today login so that you can see all the members-only content.

Main sections: what will I find?

Epilepsy Today is divided into sections so that you can find each kind of article more easily. Here you’ll find out what to expect in each section – explaining each button across the Epilepsy Today menu bar.

Epilepsy Action Clicking this button will take you away from Epilepsy Today and to the Epilepsy Action website. The site explains how to get involved with the organisation, what’s going on in your local area, fundraising activities and more.

Epilepsy Today Use this button from anywhere in the Epilepsy Today site to return to the homepage. From there, you can see links to all the latest stories.

News In this section you’ll find short articles about anything new in the epilepsy world. These articles include information on new epilepsy treatments, scientific research, hospital and government policies, and human interest stories.

Features Here you’ll find in-depth pieces that explore a variety of stories and issues. These include celebrity interviews or themed articles about epilepsy and its impact on your relationships, work or social life.

My journal These stories are written by people with epilepsy for each other. Each My journal allows one person to share their experiences – covering anything from epilepsy surgery to travel and employment experiences.

Regular columns This section is full of regular articles by a handful of columnists – all willing to share their epilepsy-related thoughts and opinions with you.

Speak up This section is for letters and emails from readers and Epilepsy Action members. Why not comment on the issues explored? Or send in a letter or email yourself?

Drugwatch This section contains all important and up-to-date information about your epilepsy medicines. If packaging changes, supplies become scarce or dosages are altered – this section will tell you.

The Magazine Stand

You may also notice two buttons in the right-hand column of your Epilepsy Today website. The first of these will take you to the Magazine Stand.

If you have found Epilepsy Action and Epilepsy Today through the wonders of the internet, you may not realise that it began life as a paper magazine. In fact, the print magazine is still published four times every year. Receiving the print magazine is one more benefit of Epilepsy Action membership.

The Magazine Stand lets you download PDF versions of the Epilepsy Today print magazine. If you are an Epilepsy Action e-member, this is where you’ll get your PDF. Or, even if you receive your Epilepsy Today in the post, you will still find back issues in the Magazine Stand.

That means that once you join you don’t just get access to the Epilepsy Today website or even just the current edition. The print archive runs all the way back to 2004 – so there’s plenty for you to read.

The Media Centre

The Media Centre is the second button in the right-hand margin. Here, you will find ways to contact the Epilepsy Action editorial or press teams.

In the Media Centre, you will find contact details for the editor of Epilepsy Today. You should use these details to contact the editor for one of the following reasons.

  • You might want to ask questions about or discuss a particular story, offer your own relevant experience or to get in touch with an Epilepsy Today author.
  • You might want to write a letter to the editor, either for the Speak up section or just to suggest a topic for a feature.
  • You may want to find out about being a volunteer writer for Epilepsy Today.

Alternatively, the Media Centre also includes contact details for Epilepsy Action’s press office. These details are not usually for Epilepsy Today readers to use, but for journalists who want to know more about Epilepsy Action as a whole. This is where a journalist or newspaper might do the following.

  • A journalist might ask for a quote from Epilepsy Action about a particular epilepsy-related event or news story.
  • A newspaper or television programme might want to find a person with a particular experience of epilepsy. An Epilepsy Action media volunteer may be able to help them.
  • A journalist may want to cover an Epilepsy Action event they have read about in a press release and may need more information from the press team.

About Epilepsy Today

Epilepsy Today is the most recent – but longest-running – magazine of Epilepsy Action. It was introduced in 1987 and has been going ever since. It has kept people with epilepsy up to date with news, interviews and personal experience for over 25 years!

But times, they are a-changing. New ways of communicating crop up every day. In the mid-90s, the world wide web revolutionised how we trade information. That revolution didn’t stop with simple websites. You can keep up with your friends on Facebook or spy on celebrities on Twitter. You can share your photographs on Flickr or collect ideas for your wedding bouquet on Pinterest.

In September 2012 – the magazine’s 25th anniversary year – the inevitable happened. Epilepsy Today became an online magazine. This represents a huge shift for the publication and a brilliant and exciting time of growth!

The Epilepsy Today team would like to invite you to celebrate this move into the digital era. Get involved now – post a comment, send an email or write your first column now!

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