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NHS national plan consultation receives over 200,000 responses

19 Jun 2000

The Department of Health has received 210,662 responses so far, in response to its public consultation. Over 12 million leaflets were produced and made available to the public and NHS staff through hospitals, GP surgeries, supermarkets and other retails outlets asking for an outline of the top three things that would make the NHS better.

Responses were grouped into the following 12 areas:

  • more capacity in the NHS (more doctors, nurses and pay)
  • doing things differently
  • waiting
  • patient-centred care (non-material issues)
  • consumer experience (material issues)
  • treatment of NHS staff
  • quality of NHS staff and care
  • charges
  • local services/access
  • national focus
  • prevention/education
  • politics

The top three priorities for the public were - more capacity (doctors, nurses and pay); less waiting and doing things differently.

Alan Milburn, Secretary of State for Health, said,"The public's top priorities are for more doctors and nurses, and cutting waiting times. We are determined to push on further with our plans for expanding the NHS."