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Parents "worry" about their children with epilepsy - survey

26 May 2006

Almost all
parents in the UK who have a child with epilepsy feel overprotective
and worry about other people's attitudes according to a survey
published by National Society for Epilepsy (NSE).

survey of parents was undertaken for National Epilepsy Week to look at
young people with epilepsy as they gain independence and move towards
adulthood. The survey asked parents how they thought epilepsy affected
their child's life, education and future career prospects.

than 90 per cent of parents thought epilepsy would affect their child's
career options and nearly three quarters thought the condition would
also affect examination results. Statistics show that children with
epilepsy frequently underachieve at school; 50 per cent achieve less
than would be predicted from their IQ.

on from this research, young people with epilepsy are now being
encouraged to contribute. Until August, the NSE will be posting a number of issues on its website and polling their views.