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Project for improvement of English neurological services announced

16 Sep 2003

Modernisation Agency
has announced a project, running over the
next two years, to improve access to neurology services in England.

As part of the Epilepsy
Action Plan
in February 2003, the project will work closely with professionals,
patients and other stakeholders, and will complement other initiatives
already under way within the Modernisation Agency, the Department
of Health
and the NHS. The programme will include consideration
of the inter-relationship of health and social care needs and how
this is best organised.

The programme will
be supported and managed within the Agency's
Action On team. Pilot sites in NHS trusts are being commissioned and
supported to explore innovative ways of providing services, and testing
and developing good practice.

The effect of the programme will be to:

  • Support neurology services to meet access targets
  • Enable delivery of the Department of Health Epilepsy Action
  • Ensure that the Department of Health scheme for the cost effective provision
    of disease modifying therapies for people with Multiple Sclerosis (risk
    sharing scheme) can be delivered
  • Prepare neurology services for implementation of NICE guidelines
    for epilepsy, MS, head injury and Parkinson's Disease
  • Identify the challenges to effective delivery of the NSF for long term
    conditions and prepare neurology services for delivery of the NSF.

The results of the work will be used to develop a practical toolkit to
enable neurology services to review the care that they are providing.
At the same time the programme will develop a learning network to give
neurology services access to best practice in service organisation
and delivery.

An application form
and guidance for potential neurology pilot sites can be downloaded
from the Agency's
. Applications close on 9 October 2003.