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Radical surgery For young boy

21 Aug 2000

Radical surgery improved a young boys' epilepsy, without affecting his brain functions. 

Harrison Ward-Mullis, suffered a burst blood vessel in his brain when he was a baby, leaving damage to the left side of his brain. He underwent surgery to remove the damaged left hemisphere of his brain, in a bid to control the epilepsy that sent constant electrical discharges to the functioning half.

Surgeons were concerned that the surgery would affect the activities of the left hemisphere, such as speech and movement of the right side of the body. Although Harrison was unconscious for three days following the surgery, it would seem that there was a lot of activity in his brain over this time. When he came around, he was able to speak, and had more ability than he had before the operation. His brain had re-arranged itself so that the right side was able to perform speech functions.

Harrison's story was featured as part of the ongoing 'Brain Story' series on BBC 2, Tuesday evenings at 9pm.