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Research into SUDEP published

12 Mar 2001

Research published in the journal Neurology has highlighted various factors that increase the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Three epilepsy centres in the USA monitored over 4,000 patients for an average of 4 years. Their figures show that incidences of SUDEP were higher in women with epilepsy (a 1.4 chance in 1,000 in any given year) compared to men (a 1.0 chance per 1,000). 

They also reported that treatment with more than two anti-epileptic medications or having an IQ of less than 70 were also indicated as being likely to lead to a increased risk of SUDEP. The report suggests that patients with tonic-clonic seizures were also of an increased risk.

The researchers hope that this information on the increased likelihood of SUDEP in certain groups can help with research into preventative efforts.