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Singaporeans with epilepsy "more likely to be single and jobless"

23 Mar 2004

A survey of over 300 people with epilepsy in Singapore has found that
they are more likely to be single and unemployed, according to a report
in the Straits Times.

The survey by the Singapore
Epilepsy Foundation
(SEF) showed that two-thirds
of people with epilepsy were single, double the national average of around
one in three. Thirty-six per cent of those surveyed were unemployed whereas
the national unemployment rate was six per cent.

The respondents were
also asked to rate which aspects of their live had been made for difficult
by their epilepsy. Eighty per cent commented
that their epilepsy made finding a job more difficult.

Dr Lim Shih Hui, medical adviser to the SEF, told the Straits Times:

"There is still
a social stigma attached to epilepsy. Patients refrain from going out
and mixing
around because they're afraid an attack
might occur at any time. This could affect their job chances and interpersonal