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Study: "Atkins diet may prevent seizures in children"

11 Dec 2003

research suggests that the popular high-fat low-carbohydrate Atkins
Diet may help prevent seizures in children with epilepsy.

The research, at Johns
Hopkins Children's Center
, studied six people with epilepsy,
three of whom were under the age of twelve, who followed
the Atkins Diet for at least four months. At the end of the study, three
people, including two of the children, were seizure-free and were able
to reduce their dosage of anti-epileptic medication.

The study authors, led by paediatric neurologist Dr Eric Kossoff, cautioned
that due to the small number of people involved in the study and the
short period of time over which it was conducted, it was too early to
either recommend the Atkins Diet to children with uncontrolled seizures
or to substitute it for the Ketogenic Diet, a high
fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet which has been used,
under medical supervision, to control seizures in a number of children
with epilepsy.

A spokesman for Epilepsy
Action stressed that people with epilepsy should not undertake a diet
such as the Atkins Diet or the Ketogenic Diet without medical supervision.
They also reiterated the caution from the authors about the small number
of people who took part in this study and hoped that future research
would lead to more conculsive results.