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Study into epilepsy in ethnic minorities

1 Oct 2001

Researchers at the University of Bradford are taking part in a study, funded by BEA, to help understand the health needs and experience of people with epilepsy from minority ethnic groups.

The project will explore people’s experience of the illness and the management of those with epilepsy; the cultural impact on, and understanding of the illness by minority ethnic groups and how people from these groups access health services and illness information, and what barriers to access exist.

The study, which will last 18 months, will focus on people with epilepsy and their carers and will involve interviews and focus groups.

The project will be led by Professor John Wright with colleagues from the Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust. Other collaborators include University College London's Institute of Neurology and the University of Leeds.

Professor of Community and Primary Care in the School of Health Studies, Neil Small, said:

“The results will be used to propose recommendations to improve access to services and understanding about epilepsy with the aim of improving equity of health services, appropriateness of treatment and awareness of epilepsy and its impact on people’s lives.”