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Study - "Many people with epilepsy want more information"

7 Jun 2005

Many people with
epilepsy in the UK get information about the condition from health
professionals, epilepsy organisations, leaflets, books and the
internet, but still need more information in some areas, according to
research published in the journal Family Practice.

Researchers from the DIPEX website based at Oxford University's Department of Primary Health Care
interviewed 35 people with epilepsy and three carers of people with the
condition. They found that many people wanted more information about
the treatment options and also wanted to discuss with their specialist
the advantages and disadvantages of the various anti-epileptic drugs.
However they felt that the medical profession were sometimes "too
busy". A need for more information on issues such as Sudden Unexpected
Death In Epilepsy (SUDEP) was also highlighted.

study concluded that without extra funding from the UK government to
provide more specialists, the information needs of people with epilepsy
will not be met. Doctors need to take more time, the report's authors
claim, to discuss matters with their patients and should direct people
to epilepsy organisations who can assist people in obtaining the
information they need.