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Study: 'Misconceptions of epilepsy first aid still held by many'

7 Dec 2004

Forty-nine per
cent of Americans wrongly believe that a correct first aid response to
someone having a seizure is to put a spoon or something else in the
person's mouth to prevent them from swallowing or biting the tongue,
according to new research from the Epilepsy Foundation.

Eric Hargis, president of the Foundation, said:

should never put anything in the mouth of someone having a seizure. You
could cause injury to the teeth or gums. It's also not true that a
person can swallow his or her tongue during a seizure.'

survey of more than 1,000 people also revealed that 18 per cent of
people (including 36 per cent of people aged 18-24) believe,
incorrectly, that epilepsy is a psychological disorder.