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Study into seizure patterns and ambulance transport

2 Apr 2001

Most seizure patients who refuse ambulance transport to a hospital have no further seizures in the following 72 hours, according to a report published recently.

Researchers from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia surveyed 63 people with epilepsy who refused transport after being evaluated by a "out-of hospital care provider".

Of the 52 patients who responded, only 3 had another seizure in the following 72 hours and called the emergency services. Of those, only one was admitted to hospital. None of the 52 had a further seizure in the 72 hour time period without calling an ambulance.

Research leader Dr. C. Crawford Mechem commented that this information in the study "can be conveyed to patients who are refusing transport so they can make a more informed decision...[and] can be of assistance in formulating paramedic and EMT [emergency medical technician] protocols for the management of seizure patients"