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Three year old Shannon to receive epilepsy award

5 Jun 2000

Shannon Dyson-Clegg, a 3 year old from Bolton, Greater Manchester is to become the first individual to receive one of BEA's Gold Awards after performing first aid on her father after he suffered an epileptic seizure.

BEA has previously only given the Gold Awards to organisations such as employers or schools, but felt it appropriate to award Shannon with an award after learning of her achievement.

Shannon's father, Rob, was alone at home with his daughter when his seizure began. After Robs seizure had finished Shannon managed to put her father into the recovery position. This was all the more astounding when considering 3 year old Shannon's father is 6'1" tall and weighs around 238 lbs.

BEA Gold award for achievement 2000Fortunately, as Shannon was about to call for an ambulance her mother Melanie returned home and took over the situation. Shannon had learnt about the recovery position from her grandmother during the previous week and managed to put the valuable lesson to good use.

Rob, who has suffered from epilepsy since being attacked in the street 12 years ago said, "She did very well considering I'm so big and she's so tiny. The consequences could have been a lot worse."