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TV regulator issues new guidance on flashing images

16 Jul 2001

The Independent Television Commission (ITC), the body which regulates and licenses commercial television stations in the UK, has published a revised Guidance Note for television companies on flashing images and regular patterns in television.

First introduced by the ITC in 1994, the Guidance Note provides television companies with information to help them reduce the risk of television material causing seizures in viewers with photosensitive epilepsy..

ITC staff have also run a number of seminars and technical briefings on the subject of photosensitive epilepsy over the past few years, helping practitioners in advertising and programme compliance to interpret technical guidelines. Since then, the number of complaints and breaches has decreased significantly.

At the request of a number of licensees, the ITC held a detailed review of the Guidance Note last year, working in close consultation with medical experts and representatives from licensees. The resulting draft revised Note was put out to consultation earlier this year, with 23 organisations and individuals submitting responses. The proposed revisions, which related to the clarification of technical parameters, were supported by all parties