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Valrocemide licensed for worldwide development, production and marketing

21 Sep 2006

A licensing
agreement has been signed a licensing arrangement for the development,
production and marketing of a new anti-epileptic drug.

Shire Pharmaceuticals
has signed the agreement with the creators of valrocemide, following a
clincial trial which demonstrated its effectiveness at treating the

Valrocemide was created by a team led by Meir Bialer, Professor of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy.
It is a combination of valproic acid and glycinamide, a chemical
derived from glycine, an amino acid that can have an antiepileptic
effect if its concentration in the brain is increased.

be working on the trials, but people shouldn't be expecting to use the
drug tomorrow, I don't want to create any illusions. I think the
earliest we would complete phase three trials and receive FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] approval would be 2011-12," he said.