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Money box savers

These diaries were written in 2012 by mums with epilepsy. Lots of mums-to-be have found them really helpful and reassuring.

For up-to-date information about epilepsy and having a baby, go to Epilepsy Action's advice and information pages.

Our readers bring you their top tips, to help you save money.

"Cook and freeze meals before baby comes. Then you’ve got healthy ready meals. (Very handy during the first days after the birth, when you are too busy or tired to cook)." Jude (mum of two)

"Ice cube trays are handy for freezing pureed fruit and veg. You can make baby food easily, saving money on jars of baby food" Joanne (mum of two)

"Don’t bother with buying lots of newborn outfits for baby. They grow out of them so quickly and spend most of the first six weeks sleeping anyway. So sleep suits and vests are all you need. Also, ask people to buy clothes in later sizes such as six or nine months." Joanne (mum of two)

"I thought sheets for cribs and moses baskets were particularly over priced. I found that a few cheap pillow cases worked just as well. Also, when changing baby on cold nights, slip a pillow case over the changing mat. Sometimes I managed to change my son without really waking him." Nicole (mum of three)

"There are lots of nearly new sales and online auction sites where you can get stuff cheaply. I’ve just got my new push chair online for a fraction of the full price." Jude (very soon to be mum of two)

"Join parenting clubs like Bounty (www.bounty.com) to get 4 free packs of freebies and useful magazine-style guides on pregnancy, your newborn and your growing family. They have online forums where you can chat with other mums-to-be and always have good competitions and offers on baby equipment."  Lisa (mum of two)

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