Epilepsy and Learning Disability Services - Step Together

New guidance has been developed by a multi-disciplinary group of professionals with input from people with epilepsy and learning disabilities and carers. It describes the elements of a good quality integrated service for people with a learning disability and epilepsy. Our summary guide encourages commissioners and providers to audit what is available for their population and assess the extent to which needs are currently met. It offers examples of ways to increase collaboration, improve services and consistency in epilepsy provision, and reduce unwarranted variation.

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It can be used to enables commissioners to ask questions and encourage provider cooperation, quality improvement and workforce development. Where gaps in provision or quality are identified, it shows how new or enhanced services could be commissioned. We encourage pragmatic provider development solutions that can be facilitated as part ICS work streams, clinical audit programmes or quality improvement objectives. We suggests that local care pathways are documented, and protocols/ practices agreed to deliver consistent and good care.

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Advocates reviewing the expertise and capacity of the workforce using competency frameworks to support skills and knowledge development and role extension.

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Step Together Benchmarking Tool

Epilepsy Action and the digital consultancy Accession Healthcare Consulting Ltd have cooperated to produce this self-assessment questionnaire. It forms part of a digital benchmarking tool that enables services to understand the qualities, standards and variation of epilepsy and learning disability services across an area, for example an integrated care system, an NHS Trust, or a devolved nation.

This tool is based on the Step Together Guidance and the Purple Light Toolkit work led by Professor Rohit Shankar of the University of Plymouth. This questionnaire is aimed assess the whole service; users are not expected to know the answers to all questions.

  • The tool and instructions on how to use it will be available soon