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Epilepsy specialist nurse role

Epilepsy specialist nurses (ESNs) work across the fields of adult, paediatric and learning disability (LD) nursing. The ESN is central in providing high quality, cost effective care for patients with epilepsy and their families. They are experts in epilepsy and are an essential part of a multidisciplinary team providing information and support for people with epilepsy.

The role of the ESN varies according to the local environment, the length of time an individual has been in post, their clinical skills and education.

The impact of the work of ESNs for patients include:

  • Fewer seizures and fewer side-effects through medicines management
  • Better self-management through health education
  • Fewer epilepsy-related deaths and accidents through risk management
  • Empowerment through advice and information
  • Tailored care through specialist clinics
  • Reduced misdiagnosis through assessment
  • Improved quality of life through counselling and support
  • Continuity of care through liaison

ESNs should assist people with epilepsy to reach their goals, achieving independence and confidence, helping them become experts in their own epilepsy and through shared decision making.

It is expected that anyone undertaking an ESN role will be a registered nurse with a minimum of 5 years' post-registration clinical experience in a relevant area of practice.

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