Epilepsy Action believes that self-management should play a key role in the management of a person’s epilepsy.

Epilepsy affects every person in a different way. We want to ensure that each person has the confidence, knowledge, skills and support they need to manage their own epilepsy effectively. This might be on their own, or in partnership with healthcare professionals. This will help them to:

  • Live the lives they want to lead and
  • Receive the treatment, care and support that they identify and need

A system of effective self-management support will require changes at every level including:

  • The services commissioned
  • How healthcare professionals and people with epilepsy work together in a consultation
  • How people are supported in between appointments

At Epilepsy Action, we provide training in motivational interviewing and shared decision making for epilepsy nurses. This supports our belief that people with epilepsy should be more involved in the management of their condition. Through motivational interviewing, their thoughts, concerns and preferences are placed more equally alongside the expertise, experience and skills of the epilepsy nurse.

My epilepsy care plan

My epilepsy care plan

The NICE clinical guidelines recognise that people with epilepsy and their families and/or carers should be empowered to manage their condition. The Department of Health describes care and support planning as a process which can help decide the best way to meet the person’s needs. It ‘considers a number of different things, such as what needs the person has, what they want to achieve, what they can do by themselves or with the support they already have, and what types of care and support might be available to help them in the local area’.

There is increasing consensus that people with long-term conditions should be supported to live the lives they want to lead, and receive the treatment, care and support they identify and need.

Healthcare professionals should adopt a shared decision-making style that enables the individual with epilepsy, and their family and/or carers as appropriate, to participate as partners in all decisions about their healthcare as a collaborative partnership.

Care planning is a process containing goal setting and action planning which helps the person with epilepsy to be confident to say what they need and get the support they choose.

‘My epilepsy care plan’ includes space for healthcare professionals and patients to collate information about their condition.

You can either use the online electronic version My epilepsy care plan (remember to save it onto your own computer)

Download a care plan  Download a care plan in Welsh

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