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Commissioning is about setting the priorities for a local area and turning them into services. This is done by choosing the most effective and efficient organisations and companies.

Commissioning epilepsy care can be approached in different ways. The care service should be patient centred and well integrated with other aspects of ongoing epilepsy care.

Epilepsy Commissioning Toolkit, September 2015

We have partnered with Epilepsy Society to design the new Epilepsy Commissioning toolkit to help commissioners provide better health services for people with epilepsy.

The toolkit provides commissioners with all the information they need to ensure high quality services for the 500,000 people living with epilepsy in England.

The toolkit has nine sections which give practical examples based on experience. It provides well-known tools and information plus new interactive tools. Commissioners will be able to calculate local populations of people living with epilepsy, create business cases and access an epilepsy specialist nurse impact tool to track outcomes.

We have worked with nine Clinical Commissioning Groups, Healthcare professionals and people living with epilepsy to provide a tool to help improve services for people with epilepsy. The toolkit has gained endorsement from the Royal College Of General Practitioners and the Association of British Neurologists and is also being championed by NHS England National Clinical Director for Adult Neurological Conditions, Dr David Bateman.

Business plan for an epilepsy specialist nurse

We have developed guides to writing a business plan and supported nurse posts through work to evidence the value of the ESNs’ role. The Epilepsy Commissioning toolkit contains successful examples of business cases, service specifications and service models.


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