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Guide to writing a business case for an epilepsy specialist nurse service

Background and context

This guide aims to help NHS managers write a business case to develop an epilepsy specialist nurse (ESN) service.

Epilepsy Action’s report ‘Best care: The value of epilepsy specialist nurses’ [PDF] states that ESNs undertake a wide range of valuable, mainly patient-related activities in various settings. In the absence of ESNs this work would either fall to consultants or simply be overlooked.

This guide complements the ‘Commissioning Epilepsy Services Resource Pack for Commissioners’ which is one of the outcomes of ‘Best Value, Better Care – Commissioning Epilepsy Services’ conference held on 23 February 2010 in London.

The guide will be useful to anyone writing a business case for an epilepsy specialist nurse service, whether they are clinical practitioners or commissioning managers. It will help to identify the desired outcomes and the costs and benefits accrued in achieving them.


  • Objectives of the service and measures of success
  • Finance of the service
  • Demographic information about epilepsy
  • Service design
  • Assumptions and evidence base
  • Additional information to position the business case   

Feedback and comments

We welcome any comments and feedback. If you have an example of a business cases written using this guidance and would be prepared to share it we would be most interested to see it. To share your feedback on this guide contact the epilepsy services team at services@epilepsy.org.uk or call 0113 210 8800.

Partners involved:

Joint Epilepsy Council
The Joint Epilepsy Council of the U.K. and Ireland (JEC) is an umbrella organisation which exists to represent the united voice of the voluntary sector and presents evidence based views on the need to improve services for people with epilepsy, their families, and carers in the UK and Ireland.

Epilepsy Action
Epilepsy Action has been supporting ESNs for over 15 years through the Sapphire Scheme and has a range of expertise and resources to help a review of epilepsy services. We can provide advice on designing services, care pathways and epilepsy generally. To find out more contact the epilepsy services team at services@epilepsy.org.uk.

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