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Patient care plans

Lawrlwytho cynllun gofal

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What is a patient care plan?

A patient care plan is a document or booklet that contains all the essential information about a patient and their epilepsy. For example, medication and side-effects, appointments, tests and scans and a seizure chart. The plan can be kept by the patient or kept by the health professional. The plan has to be regularly updated by the patient and by the health professional. If the patient is the keeper of the plan, they should take it to all of their hospital/family doctor visits, so that relevant information can be filled in during their appointments.

Epilepsy Action believes that a patient care plan is an important tool in the overall treatment of people with epilepsy. Such a plan will improve communication between different groups involved in the care of people with epilepsy, both in the hospital and in the community.

Very little has been done on a national level over the last few years to encourage the use of patient care plans. However, some National Health Service (NHS) trusts in the UK have designed their own plans and are using them successfully.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guideline 20 states that: "All adults and children with epilepsy in the UK should have a comprehensive care plan that is agreed between the individuals, their family and/or carers as appropriate, and primary and secondary care providers".

Patient care plans to download

There are two patient care plans available:

1) Epilepsy Action’s My epilepsy care plan. A straightforward and easy to use patient-held care plan for your patients to complete. You, or your patients, can also order a copy from Epilepsy Action's shop.

Open My epilepsy care plan(remember to save it onto your own computer)

Agor fy nghynllun gofal epilepsi (cofiwch arbed y ddogfen ar eich cyfrifiadur eich hun)

2) Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s Epilepsy Record. A comprehensive care plan for you and your patients to complete. It includes things such as results of scans, blood tests and other investigations, treatment, rescue medication, hospital admissions and a seizure chart.

Open Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s Epilepsy Record (remember to save it onto your own computer)

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has kindly agreed to let us publish their patient care plan on our website. The plan was developed with a grant from NHS Action On Neurology in 2004. Although it has a copyright, we have permission from the trust for anyone to print off and use the plan whether it is a person with epilepsy, carer or health professional. However the plan must not be altered or changed in any way. This plan is designed to be kept by the person with epilepsy or a carer. It is important that a health professional completes all the relevant sections before the plan is put to use.

If any UK NHS trust wants to use the plan, they are free to do so. However if they want to incorporate their own logo, permission must be sought. This can be done by contacting Epilepsy Action.

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