We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Epilepsy: A resource for primary care

This website enables general practices to:

  • identify suspected epilepsy, provide early specialist referral and support
  • audit patients on the practice register who have active epilepsy
  • review patients annually and continue working with secondary care
  • report evidence of the improved service for Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) reimbursements

This website has been developed to help you implement services for epilepsy patients in line with recently updated national guidance and the QOF.

There are three broad sections to the main website:

  • Section 1 gives a background of epilepsy in the UK and reviews the latest guidance
  • Section 2 discusses general management of patients
  • Section 3 assists with annual review and quality outcomes reporting

Complete an interactive action plan for your practice

In addition to the content of the three broad sections or the website, you will find relevant tools and templates to assist you with annual reviews and quality outcomes reporting, as well as guidance on patient support information. For practices in your region, a downloadable booklet on commissioning epilepsy services has also been provided. You can use the navigation on the left of the page to move around the site and access topics of interest.

Epilepsy Action has a range of patient-tailored advice and information materials. Please direct patients to epilepsy.org.uk/info or you can get our booklets to distribute to patients.

  • Better Value, Better Care - Your Guide to Commissioning in Epilepsy [PDF] 
    This booklet aims to encourage health commissioners to take epilepsy seriously and to consider the needs of epilepsy patients by commissioning epilepsy care in their Trust. It looks at why epilepsy care services should be commissioned and what effective commissioning involves. Tools such as a service specification checklist, audit checklist and case studies of good practice are also provided.

Search the primary care toolkit section:


GlaxoSmithKline UK has financially supported the production of the primary care resource pack.

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