We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


I am delighted that Epilepsy Action has updated and re-launched their highly successful primary care resource pack. The contents of the re-launched pack are fully available on this website. Epilepsy is one of the most common serious neurological conditions. The poor public understanding of epilepsy reinforces its status as a highly stigmatised condition. Advances in our understanding of epilepsy, many new treatments, and the uptake of new guidance can help us improve healthcare for patients. Primary care can make a significant contribution to that improvement.

This website supports multidisciplinary teams in managing early referral of newly-presenting patients to specialists for diagnosis and starting treatment. It will also help the ongoing review of patients - knowing when to refer for further specialist help as part of an improved system of shared care. This is particularly important for high-risk patient subgroups, such as women of childbearing age, patients with learning disabilities, and older people with epilepsy. Sections within this website focus on the particular issues for these patients.

Since the adoption of the GMS contract, which included epilepsy as one of the Quality Indicators, there has been an additional incentive for GPs to take an active role in the treatment and long-term management of epilepsy.

Using this website and the additional information resources available from Epilepsy Action, GPs and other practice members can make a real difference to the lives of their patients with epilepsy.

Professor Phil Smith MD FRCP
Consultant Neurologist
University Hospital of Wales

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