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Section 3: Annual review and re-referral

Relevant Tools:A.6, A.7, A.8, A.9, A.10, A.13, A.14, A.15, A.16

National guidance recommends all people with a diagnosis of epilepsy should receive an annual review in primary care.

The Department of Health Action Plan ‘Improving Services for People with Epilepsy’1 suggests reviews of local epilepsy services in light of the National Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy- Related Death2 and addresses any shortfalls as part of local delivery plans.

The GMS contract encourages the compilation of a register of patients receiving drug treatment for epilepsy, and sets three quality indicators with financial rewards for your practice.3 These quality indicators aim to encourage the establishment and delivery of a structured management system for patients with epilepsy in primary care.


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