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3.5 Re-referral to specialist care

Relevant Tools: A.9, A.11, A.13, A.15, A.17
Once the patient review is completed, and areas for discussion identified and captured, it may be apparent that the patient's epilepsy management could benefit from a specialist review.

If you have used the Review checklist (see A.9) to take notes during the review, this can be attached to the letter of referral in order to give the specialist the information they require. If notes have been made straight into the computer you can attach a printout of the epilepsy review and the relevant notes you have made. All computer suppliers offer software that includes preset referral letters that can be adapted to the practice requirements, and you may wish to use these.

Copying the patient in on communications concerning their epilepsy will enable the patient to feel more in control of their condition, and they will be less likely to be lost to follow-up.

A letter template has been provided on this website and should be customised to your individual requirements (see A.15: Epilepsy specialist referral letter).

NB: If your patient is a woman of childbearing age remember to use tool A.11, a checklist to ensure you meet QOF indicator EPILEPSY 9.

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