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National Epilepsy Week pack for GP practices and epilepsy clinics (18-24 May 2014) #epilepsyweek

Epilepsy affects 600,000 people living in the UK. It is not a single condition as there are several types of epilepsy.  It is estimated that approximately 87 people a day are diagnosed with epilepsy.

We’re delighted that you are promoting National Epilepsy Week in your clinic or practice. This year’s National Epilepsy Week will run from 18-24 May and we’ll be focusing on diagnosis.

Our downloadable pack contains materials that can be used by staff to support patients with epilepsy. It also includes posters and resources that can be used in your practice or clinic.

Create your own National Epilepsy Week pack

To request hard copies of any or all of this pack, call us on 0113 210 8899 or email campaigns@epilepsy.org.uk and ask for a National Epilepsy Week pack for practices and clinics. 

Visit full National epilepsy week page

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