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Sapphire scheme - Template business plan

Executive summary

Summarise the objectives of the proposal. Outline the role of the nurse and how the service will improve.


To include: when the epilepsy service was established; the size of the population within the trust; the number of people with epilepsy within the trust; the number of new diagnoses each month/year and national and local statistics regarding the incidence of epilepsy. Epilepsy Action is able to provide statistics for individual areas. Please contact Peri O'Connor poconnor@epilepsy.org.uk or 0113 210 8779 if you would like further details. 

Current service and constraints

Include information on how the current service is run and who is involved, for example consultants, nurses and other NHS staff. What are the shortfalls in the epilepsy service? This section can also include how the trust can meet specifications in national guidelines such as the NICE Clinical Guideline 20.


This must include: the grade of the nurse; whether full-time or part-time; the amount of funding applied for and whether full funding is required for one year or part funding for two years. This section must also confirm that the trust will provide resources to support the post. These resources include: travelling expenses; office space; telephone; training; computer and adequate secretarial support. It must also confirm that these resources will be in place when the nurse comes into post.

Objectives of the post

List the services that the nurse will provide. Nurse-led clinics must be included. Research, education and liaison with other departments such as A&E may also be included.

Benefits to the epilepsy service

Outline how will people with epilepsy benefit from the introduction of a Sapphire Nurse? Explain how will primary care, consultants and other hospital departments benefit?


A brief summary of the application.

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