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Care planning resources

This section is aimed at UK nurses, but may be of use to nurses in other countries

A patient care plan is a document or booklet that contains all the essential information about a patient and their epilepsy. Surveys have suggested that there is a demand from patients for better provision of information, and there is also evidence that this information is especially valued when provided by nurses. Utilisation of the knowledge and experience of patients themselves could greatly benefit the quality of patients' care and ultimately their quality of life.

The NICE clinical guidelines recognise that people with epilepsy and their families and/or carers should be empowered to manage their condition as well as possible. Healthcare professionals should adopt a consulting style that enables the individual with epilepsy, and their family and/or carers as appropriate, to participate as partners in all decisions about their healthcare, and take fully into account their race, culture and any specific need.

The Epilepsy Action Care Plan includes general information about epilepsy together with spaces for healthcare professionals and patients to collate information about their condition. You can either use the online electronic version or download a care plan.

Primary care resource pack

Further information on care planning is included within the Primary care resource pack

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