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Epilepsy Alliance motivational interviewing

This training was identified as a need by epilepsy specialist nurses at previous successful Epilepsy Alliance conferences. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication which focuses on exploring a patient’s own reasons for change. It is an approach which brings benefits to shared decision making, care planning, and supporting patients who struggle with adherence.

We plan to provide a training day in May 2015. The learning objectives for the day are:

  • To enable participants to handle difficult conversations with patients in order to facilitate care planning and goal setting
  • To enable participants to become increasingly comfortable with their role as ‘facilitator’ in patient led care
  • To enable participants to develop key skills to enable the patient to generate sound sustainable solutions
  • To enable participants to increase their awareness of the blocks to effective communication and develop tools to help overcome these effectively
  • To enable participants to gain a deeper understanding  of, and so work more effectively with patients who may show signs of resistance
  • To enable participants to gain appreciation of the value of process not simply results
  • To increase participants understanding of concordance and theories associated with it to enable effective care planning, solution orientated working and patient led outcomes
  • We are very pleased that the day will be facilitated by Alice Hanscomb
Event Date: 
Thursday 26 February 2015 - 16:34

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