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Cannabis and cannabidiol

Epilepsy is a condition that can be very difficult to treat. Many people with epilepsy have their condition controlled with epilepsy medicines. For others - around 30 per cent of those with epilepsy - epilepsy medicines are not effective in controlling seizures.

Cannabis is made up of a number of components. It is thought that one of these may have anti-epileptic properties. This component, cannabidiol (CBD), is presently going through limited clinical trials. This study could give more of an insight into the possibility of using a component of cannabis to treat epilepsy. Epilepsy Action therefore welcomes research into this area. It could help our understanding of the anti-epileptic components of cannabis. It may also prove useful in the long term for people whose epilepsy does not respond to current anti-epileptic treatments.

Epilepsy Action’s online magazine Epilepsy Today has published a number of articles in recent years about the potential of cannabidiol as a treatment for epilepsy:

Epilepsy Professional is Epilepsy Action’s magazine for health professionals interested in epilepsy. Our March 2014 edition featured an article by Benjamin J Whalley about the research and development of particular cannabis compounds.

Epilepsia is a professional journal about research on epilepsy. It is published by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Epilepsia has printed articles talking about the arguments for and against using cannabis or cannabidoil.

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Friday 30 May 2014 - 14:09

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i have suffered from the age of 11 and now i am 29 and they just seem to be getting worse i can honestly say ive tried to take all prescribed medications now im on 4/5 different meds twice a day plus the supplements and i have no warnings i fear i will die in a fit and only yesterday 2 friends informed me about cannabidiol! i have to wait until january before i can ask my nurolagist questions. i cant wait that long it was life changing for little Charlotte ( charlotes web age 6) i was so amazed and happfor her and the family and a huge pat on the back to the team/reasearchers. can you help me please?

Submitted by Rhian jones on

Hi Rhian

This sounds like a frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Researchers are still looking in to the safety of cannabidiol as a treatment for epilepsy. A recent study from the US has shown positive results. Experts are still divided over whether it should be used as a treatment for epilepsy though.

It may be worth also talking to your neurologist about being referred to an epilepsy specialist centre. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends this if a person’s seizures are not controlled after trying two epilepsy medicines, or after two years. They specialist centre will look again at your diagnosis of epilepsy, and epilepsy medicines, to make sure you are getting the best treatment.

Epilepsy Action Advice & Information Team

Submitted by Karen, Epilepsy... on

Hi Where is there an epilepsy specialist centre near n. wales?

Submitted by Menna jones on

Hi Menna

I’m not finding anything in North Wales. Some people from this area would go to the Walton Centre in Liverpool. Their phone number is 0151 529 5500.

Or you could contact the University Hospital of Wales. It is based in Cardiff and has adult and paediatric clinics.

The phone number is 029 2074 7747.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by Cherry-Epilepsy... on