We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Epilepsy Action commissioned research

Qualitative insights into epilepsy-related death and prevention: A narrative synthesis (2017)

Dr. Sarah Collard, Bournemouth University, Dr. Pramod Regmi, Bournemouth University

Identifying and monitoring the cost-effectiveness of the Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

  • Professor Fiona Irvine, Liverpool John Moores University
  • UCB logoReport

Supported by UCB Pharma through an educational grant

Understanding of epilepsy by children with, or without, epilepsy

Publication: AL Lewis, S Parsons. (2008). Understanding of epilepsy by children and young people with epilepsy, European Journal of Special Needs Education, 23, 4, 321-335.

Epilepsy and the defence of insanity – time for change?

  • Professor Ronnie Mackay, De Montfort University, Leicester 

Following Professor Mackay's study Epilepsy Action applied to the Law Commission to include a review of this law in their 'tenth programme on law reform'. We were delighted that the Law Commission decided to include our suggestion. In fact they decided to extend the project further and will also look at fitness to plead.

Publication: Mackay, R.D. , Reuber, M. (207) Epilepsy and the defence of insanity. Criminal Law Review
Issue OCT., October 2007, Pages 782-793  

Mackay, R.D. , Reuber, M. Epileptic Automatisms in the Criminal Courts: 13 Cases tried in England andWales between 1975 and 2001 (2008) Epilepsia, 2008, 49(1):138–145

South Asians and Epilepsy: Understanding the health experiences, needs and beliefs in communities in Bradford

Publication: Ismail H, Wright J, Rhodes P, Small N. (2005) Religious beliefs about causes and treatment of epilepsy. Br J Gen Pract. 2005 Jan;55(510):26-31.

Small N, Ismail H, Rhodes P, Wright J. (2005) Evidence of cultural hybridity in responses to epilepsy among Pakistani muslims living in the UK. Chronic Illn. 2005 Jun;1(2):165-77.

Ismail H, Wright J, Rhodes P, Small N, Jacoby A. (2005) South Asians and epilepsy: exploring health experiences, needs and beliefs of communities in the north of England. Seizure. 2005 Oct;14(7):497-503.

Rhodes PJ, Small NA, Ismail H, Wright JP. (2008) 'What really annoys me is people take it like it's a disability', epilepsy, disability and identity among people of Pakistani origin living in the UK. Ethn Health. 2008 Jan;13(1):1-21. 

Rhodes PJ, Small N, Ismail H, Wright JP. (2009) The use of biomedicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and ethnomedicine for the treatment of epilepsy among people of South Asian origin in the UK. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2008 Mar 20;8:7.

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