We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Epilepsy Action surveys

Epilepsy Action often carries out its own surveys. We do this to evaluate and inform our services and to support our campaigning work.

Review of Epilepsy Action’s Local Services

Epilepsy Action has been reviewing the services it offers for people with epilepsy, where they live. The aim is to ensure these services meet the needs of people with epilepsy, their friends and families and others with an interest in the condition.

My Life

As part of Epilepsy Action’s Diamond Jubilee year activities, in 2010 we carried out a survey. We asked people with epilepsy about their experience of living with the condition over the previous 12 months. More than 2,000 people took part in this research! The results provide a unique picture on living with epilepsy today.

Epilepsy helpline survey

Each year we carry out a survey of a sample of people who have contacted our Epilepsy Helpline for advice and information. We asked them about their experience of using the helpline, and how well it met their needs. The results are extremely useful in helping us monitor and develop this vital part of our work.

Epilepsy Today and Epilepsy Professional readers’ surveys

In 2010, our publication team asked readers of Epilepsy Today and Epilepsy Profession what they thought about the magazines. We had a very positive response, with readers telling us how much they value these publications. The feedback is being used by us to make the magazines even better!

Young people with epilepsy

In 2010 the theme of National Epilepsy Week was young people. We posted an online survey on our website and 265 people completed it!

Generic substitution of anti-epileptic drugs

There is evidence to suggest that switching between different brands of the same anti-epileptic drug (AEDs) can lead affect seizure control and/or side-effects. This is a cause of great to concern to people with epilepsy and Epilepsy Action. In 2009 we asked people if they had been given a different version of their usual drugs and, if so, how this affected them. We used the results to successfully campaign for the Department of Health not to introduce automatic generic substitution of AEDs. Read more.

Ideal world for women

A survey was carried out in 2007 to find out about how having epilepsy impacts on the lives of women with epilepsy. Further information.

Men living with epilepsy

In 2004, Epilepsy Action asked 373 men to complete a questionnaire about what it was like to be a man living with epilepsy. The results and feedback contributed to the advice and information we have produced for men with epilepsy

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