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PhD Studentship

Supervisor: Professor Mark Richardson
Student: Adam Pawley

Prediction of antiepileptic drug effectiveness using transcranial magnetic brain stimulation


Transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) is a test which measures “electrical excitability” in the brain. We have found that testing people on our seizure monitoring unit with TMS allows us to predict who will have seizures over the next few days. Another research team has found that testing people with epilepsy soon after starting their first-ever epilepsy drug can predict who becomes seizure-free in the future.

In this project, we will find out whether TMS can be used to help choose the most effective drug for people coming to our clinics. We will carry out two studies.

In the first study, we will compare the results of the TMS test between people who have few seizures and people who have many.

In the second study, we will test people who have just changed from one drug to another. We will then keep in touch with these people for a year. At the end of the year, we will look at the TMS test to see if the TMS test predicted who would do well and who would not.

After these studies, we will ask people with epilepsy and clinicians whether using TMS as a clinical tool would be feasible.


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