We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Research Grants Programme 2011-2012

Research grants

Dr Cathy Grant, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • A psychosocial intervention for young people with epilepsy
  • £2,000 -  6 months

Dr Markus Reuber, University of Sheffield

  • Using conversational analysis in the seizure clinic
  • £55,560 – 12 months

Dr Amanda Wood, University of Birmingham

  • Understanding the challenge and experience and impact of parenting with epilepsy: a focus on mothers
  • £28,732 – 12 months

Dr Adina Lew, Lancaster University    

  • Carer adaption: the role of the paediatric epilepsy specialist nurse
  • £1,862 – 12 months    

PhD Studentship

  • Supervisor - Dr Andrew Trevelyan, Newcastle University
  • Student – Parto Yazdani
  • Assessing seizure susceptibility using psychophysical tests
  • £75,000– 3 years

ESRC CASE Studentship

  • Supervisor - Dr Adina Lew, Lancaster University
  • Student – Rebecca Beesley
  • Comparison between services with and without a paediatric epilepsy nurse specialist with respect to carer adaptation
  • £12,000 – 3 years
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Wednesday 15 July 2015 - 10:52

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