Understanding how epilepsy affects memory

Study title

Understanding how epilepsy affects memory.

What’s it about?

This study will find out how quickly people with epilepsy forget new information. It’s normal to forget, but some people with epilepsy can forget faster over days or weeks than people who do not have epilepsy. Healthcare professionals want to understand how this type of forgetting affects the lives of people with epilepsy, so that they can help people get support to improve their memory.

This study will develop tasks to detect faster forgetting and find out how many people with epilepsy experience fast forgetting. This will improve ways of measuring memory and help improve treatments.

Am I eligible to take part?

People with epilepsy aged 18 and over, living in the UK can take part. If those who take part have a partner or family member who is around the same age and are interested in the study, the researchers would also like to invite them to take part too.

What will I have to do?

The study will involve four online sessions over a one-month period. These can be done from home if you have an internet connection. During each session, you will be asked to complete a few simple memory tasks. The first session will take around one hour, and the three later sessions around 15 minutes each. Sessions can be arranged at times that are convenient. There will also be a short online questionnaire to complete before the first session.

How do I get involved?

If you or your partner/family member are interested in taking part, please fill in your details at the following link:

express your interest

This will just be an expression of interest and does not commit you to taking part in the study. If you sign up, the researchers will then contact you to discuss the possibility of you taking part and answer any questions you might have.

Is there a deadline?

If you are interested in taking part, please register your interest by 15 September 2021.

Who is conducting the research?

The research team is a mix of academics and clinicians with a track record in this field based at the University of York, University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. The research is funded by the Experimental Psychology Society. If you have any questions at this stage, please contact the research team: Forgetting@leeds.ac.uk.

Who has reviewed this study?

The study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Leeds ethics committee (REF PSYC-260) and the University of York ethics committee (REF 930).

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