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Study title

Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Central Nervous System (RADAR-CNS)


University of Nottingham, UK, as part of the RADAR-CNS collaboration.

About the study

The RADAR-CNS project is exploring the potential of wearable and mobile devices, such as health & fitness trackers, smart watches and mobile phones. The aim is to develop new ways of monitoring, treating and preventing relapse in multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and depression.

Researchers in the project are testing commercially available devices which are capable of monitoring factors such as activity, sleep and heart rate. Ultimately, the hope is that collecting data from people with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and depression will help to predict if and when they are likely to become more (or less) unwell. This will facilitate appropriate responses to address or prevent relapse and to support remission or recovery.

As a vital part of this work, researchers in RADAR-CNS are seeking to interview a range of healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with epilepsy. They want to better understand where, how and why Remote Measuring Technology (RMT) can positively impact care, decision-making and interactions with patients. This includes exploring the potential challenges and concerns about using such technologies in real-world practice.

When will this study be recruiting?

Now until the end of March 2019

What will participants be asked to do?

We will ask you to:

  • Take part in a telephone interview (this will usually take around 30 minutes) or
  • Complete an online survey (this will usually take around 10 minutes)

We would like to find out:

  • What experiences you have of remote monitoring technologies with your patients?
  • What are your thoughts about how those technologies may impact your clinical practice?
  • What your requirements of those technologies are?
  • How they can be designed to be used in various clinical settings and contexts of use.

Who can take part?

You can take part if you are a healthcare professional working in the care of people with epilepsy. This includes medics, nursing staff, allied health professionals and so on.

Who is conducting the research?

Jenny Jamnadas-Khoda, Research Fellow at Nottingham University.

Who has reviewed this study?

The study has been reviewed by the University of Nottingham, School of Medicine (Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology) Research Ethics Committee.


To take part in a telephone interview, please contect Jenny Khoda to schedule a telephone interview. Email: jenny.khoda@nottingham.ac.uk

Take part in the survey 

For every completed telephone interview, we will donate £15 to Epilepsy Action.

For every completed survey, we will donate £1 to Epilepsy Action.

Event Date: 
Tuesday 12 May 2015 - 13:49

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