Funeral directors

This page is for Funeral Directors or whoever is responsible for organising the funeral service. Please feel free to share this page with them.

Thank you for offering to support a client by arranging a collection in support of Epilepsy Action. We want to make the process of sending in funeral donations as simple as possible for you.

Sending in donations:


All cheques must be made payable to "Epilepsy Action" or "British Epilepsy Association" only. Anything else will not be accepted by our bank and we will need to return them to you.

Head office address

All collections from funerals need to be processed at our head office and banked in our central bank account. If the family have requested that the donation be restricted in anyway, for example, for use only in Northern Ireland, then please include this in your letter.

It's free to send us items in the post when you use this address:

Epilepsy Action
Freepost RTGS – LEYK – XGCK
New Anstey House
Gate Way Drive
LS19 7XY

Donation envelopes

We can send you collection envelopes containing Gift Aid forms, which allow us to increase donations by 25p for every £1 donated. These envelopes can be sealed, preventing any confusion with loose cheques.

Online tributes

With the permission of the family, you could create a tribute fund. This is a lasting way to celebrate their loved one’s life, and allows those unable to attend the funeral service to donate online. Donations made in cash or cheque can be added to the tribute, so that the total collected can be seen in one place. Find out more about tributes.

Saying thank you

We always like to say thank you for thinking of us at such a difficult time. We would be very grateful if could provide the name and address of next of kin, so that we can write and thank them personally for their support and generosity. We will also confirm receipt to you for your records.

To discuss any specific requirements call James on 0113 210 8827 or email

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