We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy



 Whether you choose to have a big party or pretend you're not getting any older, you can still help people with epilepsy!



Setting up your birthday fundraiser takes just minutes. We've had lots of lovely people already raise so much money to help others, by asking friends to give the gift of support to people affected by epilepsy. 

Set up your fundraiser now

Our top tips for Facebook fundraising success:

  • Share your story - when setting up your fundraiser you'll be asked to share with people why it matters to you. The most successful fundraisers have told their story, don't miss this bit out!
  • Personalise your photo - there is a default image which you can use but have some fun and add a picture of your own
  • Share your fundraiser - most pages get donations the day before and after your birthday and of course on the day so don't forget to share it around then
  • Say thank you - you can add a personal message to thank everyone who donates
  • A final message - add a picture and a message from your birthday and thank everyone for helping celebrate with you

Not on Facebook? Don't worry, you can still collect donations at your party! Get your free collection envelopes now.

Already celebrated your big day? 

Pay in money you've raised 

Still not sure or have some questions? Contact Lisa on celebrate@epilepsy.org.uk or call on 0113 210 8816

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