We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Collect your small change and change lives!

Mother and child with epilepsy

By adding just a few coins regularly to your Home Money Box, you could collect £10 in no time!

Your collection could provide free advice through our helpline and website, when someone needs it most.

Request your Home Money Box

Each week Susan from County Durham dropped the price of a coffee into her Home Money Box.

Susan told us why a Home Money Box was important to her.“I think that even the smallest gestures can quickly accumulate funds for the excellent support you offer, thank you.”

We’ll write to you in a few months' time to help you with your donation or you can follow the instructions on the box. Don’t forget - keep your Home Money Box and you can fill it up again or let us know if you need a new one. 

Please note these boxes are intended for collecting in the home. To collect in a public place, call our fundraising team on +44 (0)113 210 8851.

Get a Home Money Box

Changing lives with your small change Thank you

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