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A thank you from Epilepsy action

We can work together to:

  • Tackle social and personal barriers - fighting the stigma and isolation of epilepsy by encouraging people to open up and talk about the condition.
  • Give people more control over their lives, leading to greater independence – providing people living with epilepsy with vital access to the advice, information and support they need to equip them to better manage their epilepsy.

  • Give people a voice to express their needs and worries - in turn this provides a foundation from which we can inform national decision-makers about policy issues surrounding epilepsy. By raising the profile of the condition we ensure that the needs and messages of people with epilepsy are heard.

  • Improve knowledge and understanding about epilepsy - demonstrating that people with epilepsy can work; can participate in sport; can attend mainstream school; and can get married and have children.

How your donation can make a difference:

  • Helpline officer£60 would answer 10 desperate calls for help. Another £60 would also ensure those 10 people received further information in the post

“I called the helpline when my four-year-old son was diagnosed. It was a horrible time to begin with – so upsetting to see somebody you love have a seizure, time and time again. The helpline for me was a lifeline and a massive help, just to be able to talk to somebody who knew what it was like and to ask for help and advice. They were utterly brilliant and I will never forget how much of a relief I felt as a parent to know that Epilepsy Action is there if I needed to talk.”

  • £200 can train a new accredited volunteer to deliver epilepsy awareness training in local schools, work places or care homes.

Volunteer session“I just wanted to say a big thank you from all of us at global3digital for the epilepsy awareness training session. I think we all have a much greater understanding and respect for people with epilepsy and now feel confident that we can help our employee with epilepsy should he need it.”

  • Child with epilepsy£2,500 would supply 193 paediatric clinics with booklets for parents and booklets and ID cards for children.
  • £10,000 can fund a conference for 100: people with epilepsy, their families, friends and carers, equipping them with the vital tools they need to manage their condition.

“I have wanted to cycle all my life, thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

  • £10,000 would allow us to mail all doctors’ surgeries in the UK with information about epilepsy.
  • £25,000 can fund a vital epilepsy research project for one year to investigate the causes of the condition and to find cures for it.

“We are still a long way from fully understanding epilepsy and why people get it.  Only once we know this, can treatments or cures be found that will allow people to be free from a life of seizures”. (Professor Ann Jacoby, University of Liverpool).

  • £47,000 can place an epilepsy specialist Sapphire Nurse in the NHS to help children or adults with epilepsy for a year.

Nurse“She’s amazing. I used to see a neurologist but didn’t feel like I got any answers after I was first diagnosed. My Sapphire Nurse is really helpful and gives me all the answers I want. She gives me options – she puts control back in my hands.” Lee Morgan, Coventry Branch treasurer.

Epilepsy Today magazineHaving made a grant to Epilepsy Action, you will be kept informed about the progress of the charity and how your gift has been spent. You can choose to receive the charity's magazine, Epilepsy Today and/or our Annual Report and Impact Report.

We are keen to help trusts and foundations fulfil their charitable objectives. If your organisation would like to build brighter futures for people with epilepsy, contact our Trust Fundraising Officer, Mary-Ellen Wyard at trusts@epilepsy.org.uk or on +44 (0)113 210 8851.

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