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Accredited Volunteers (AVs)

How to become an Accredited Volunteer (AV):

Volunteer thumbs upAVs are recruited and trained by Epilepsy Action, to deliver epilepsy awareness sessions to any organisation in the UK that would like to learn more about the condition. The AVs are able to offer a comprehensive introduction to epilepsy to a range of audiences.

AVs are able to offer epilepsy awareness sessions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are recruiting AVs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you would like to know more about becoming an AV in please contact Dyfed, our National Coordinator for Volunteers, on 0113 210 8800. Alternatively, send an email to volunteering@epilepsy.org.uk

How to arrange an epilepsy awareness training session

Please contact our Local Services team on 0113 210 8800 or awareness@epilepsy.org.uk

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