We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Our volunteer stories

“It’s about all of us together, helping to build a brighter future for people living with epilepsy.”Epilepsy Action volunteers
“I really enjoy fundraising. It’s given me the opportunity to contribute and help other people. It’s even raised my profile where I work!”

Jai, Fundraising volunteer
Fundraising volunteers
“Epilepsy Action has set up different events for me to be part of proving immensely supportive, encouraging and in turn building my confidence. Helping others and watching them flourish is fulfilling beyond measure.”

Betty, Local Services volunteer
Local service volunteers
“I enjoy volunteering with Epilepsy Action. It's great to be involved in ensuring their publications are easy to read and informative… I'm a "virtual volunteer" - working full time with a young child this gives me the flexibility to fit in my volunteering with a busy lifestyle.”

Rebecca, Information reviewer
 Rebecca, Information reviewer
"My role enables me to raise awareness of epilepsy by delivering presentations to groups about the condition. By doing this I assist with the mission of improving the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. It’s tremendously rewarding for me personally."

Steve, Accredited Volunteer
 Accredited volunteer

“Being an active committee member has enabled me to help others through rough times. It’s such an awesome feeling making new friends this way and knowing you've made a massive difference in their lives.”

Lee, Branch officer

 Lee, Branch officer

“It’s about all of us together, helping to build a brighter future for people living with epilepsy.”

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