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Young Epilepsy Action Information Reviewers

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Do you know a young person between 6 and 18?

Would they like to help us at Epilepsy Action write good materials for young people with epilepsy?

At Epilepsy Action we have information for children (from 3 to 11 years) and young people (from 11 to 18 years).

We need children and young people to look at our information for these age groups.  We need them to tell us:

  • Whether it is easy to understand and
  • Whether it is presented in the best way

How much work?

We would like them to look at about three things a year. We already have a book and two websites. It would be great to find out what they think about them. And we are about to write a second book, so they could even be in on the beginning of that.

What do they need?

They need to be interested in epilepsy and they need to be able to read well enough for their age group. They can do the work from anywhere they have access to a computer or tablet.

Why should they do it?

They will be improving Epilepsy Action’s information for children and young people. And they will be helping people with epilepsy.  If they’re really good and helpful they might even get nominated for a volunteer award!

Will I need to give permission?

If the person is under 18 we will need a parent or guardian to sign a consent form to agree to them doing this.

Who will contact them?

Your child will be contacted by the Advice and Information Services Officer responsible for producing children’s materials.

What if I’m over 18 and want to take part?

We have a group of volunteers who offer us feedback on a range of materials. It would be great if you wanted to join them.

Ready to go? Great

Please complete the form, express your interest below or give Cherry a call on 0113 210 8800.

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