Who is Epilepsy Action?

Epilepsy Action is a community of people committed to a better life for everyone affected by epilepsy.

We want high quality, accessible epilepsy healthcare services, so that people with epilepsy have the support they need to manage their condition.

We want wider awareness and understanding of epilepsy, so that people living with the condition are treated with fairness and respect.

Our supporters, members, staff and volunteers are united by these common goals.

See Epilepsy Action's 2017-2023 strategy

Together we're stronger.

Together we provide support and expert advice, raise awareness and fight for a better deal for people with epilepsy.

The difference we make together

  • Children with epilepsy

    Children with epilepsy

    "My 10 year old daughter watched these video's and then put together a presentation to teach her class mates about what is happening to her.

    She was so proud and clearly relieved that she was able to explain to her peers what epilepsy is and how it affects her."

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  • Jo and Charlie's story

    Jo and Charlie's story

    "When my little boy Charlie’s epilepsy medication was causing him problems, I called the Epilepsy Action Helpline for advice. Thanks to their help, we got Charlie onto medication that worked for him.

    Last Christmas, Charlie was angry, he'd lost that special sparkle but now he is calmer, more himself, our little Charlie's back!"

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  • Coffee and chat groups

    Coffee and chat groups

    Kerry from Nottingham said she felt quite isolated and never really went far from her home on her own. Since attending a chat group she said:

    "Coffee and Chat groups are a good way of getting out and seeing people. The group has given me lots of experience and I do more talking than before. I now regard the people who attend as being friends."

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Together we can:

  • Give expert advice

    We give expert advice

    Our expert advice helps people affected by epilepsy to understand the condition and take a more active role in their own care and treatment.

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  • Reduce isolation

    Reducing isolation

    Our national network of support groups offers a lifeline to people close to home.

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  • Improve public attitudes

    group of positive minded teens enjoying the good weather

    Our awareness-raising campaigns improve public attitudes and bring closer the day when people with epilepsy get respect, fairness and understanding.

    Attitudes towards epilepsy
  • Influence decision makers

    We influence the government

    Our campaigns for positive change in government policy create a better, fairer future for people with epilepsy.

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  • Enable vital research

    We enable vital research

    Our vital research reveals more about the causes of epilepsy, the issues affecting people with epilepsy and takes us towards new treatments - and one day a cure.

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  • Support professionals

    We support professionals

    Our quality-assured epilepsy information keeps professionals up-to-date with the latest developments in epilepsy care, treatment and research.

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