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What to do if you think you’ve had a seizure

Seeing your doctor and getting a referral. Also how to prepare for your first appointment          

Keeping a seizure diary

Why keeping a seizure diary is useful, and how to download one

Diagnosing epilepsy

How epilepsy is diagnosed and which tests are used

Questions to ask your doctor

EEG tests and epilepsy

Information about different EEGs

Magnetic resonance imaging and epilepsy

How an MRI can help diagnose epilepsy

Dissociative seizures

These are also known as non-epileptic seizures. The pages offer some basic information on these and links to more detailed websites 

Getting the right treatment and care for your epilepsy

A patient's journey through the NHS


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I have taken epilepsy medicine since 15 yrs. the first time i take TEGROTOL-200 MG, and later on i take ENCORATE CHRONO-500mg, sodium valporate n valporic acid. how long i have to take this medicine and be will it ok or no. from last 4-5 yesrs i leff for being unconcinous also. Will it be okey or i have to take medicine till my life...

Submitted by rajkumar lamsal on

Hi Rajkumar
Thanks for your message. Epilepsy is very different from person to person. Some people can eventually stop taking epilepsy medicine. But many people need to take epilepsy medicine for their whole life to control their seizures. We’re not medically trained so we can’t give you advice on your treatment. It would be best to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

From the medicine names you’ve written it sounds like you might not be in the UK. The information on this website is about epilepsy treatment and care in the UK, but you could check our list of international epilepsy organisations to see if there is one in your country.

Best wishes
Epilepsy Action Advice and Information Team

Submitted by Grace, Epilepsy... on