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Connect with others at an Epilepsy Action group.

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Epilepsy answers

You can instant message us (we are live when there is a red speech icon at the bottom of your screen), phone our helpline on 0808 800 5050 or email us your question.

We also have a whole range of answers to your epilepsy questions across this site.

Connect - at an Epilepsy Action group

We run Talk and Support groups, both online and in-person. Our groups help you to meet others others affected by epilepsy.

We also have communities on Discord and HealthUnlocked, where people share their epilepsy experiences.

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Befriending and counselling

Our befriending service matches you with a friendly volunteer for regular chats either online or by phone.

We also run counselling services in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Support in Northern Ireland

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has been providing support for over 70 years.

Find out more about the range of support we provide.

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Support in Wales/Cymru

Support in Wales for people affected by epilepsy

The Epilepsy Action Helpline

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Download your guide to epilepsy

Your epilepsy

This brochure gives an overview of epilepsy, living with epilepsy and the support you can get from Epilepsy Action.

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